At City Hill Design, “What paint color should I use?” is one of the most commonly asked questions we hear.  After speaking with Amy Mobley, designer + co-owner of City Hill Design, about her own home, we put together a list of our favorite paint colors with the hope that it might help you achieve the perfect paint scheme for your home!

            For her main spaces, Amy wanted a bright + neutral color scheme. With Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster for trim, Amy opted for a tonal look, choosing Shoji White (Sherwin Williams) for the walls. 

ProTip: If Amy could choose her paint all over again, she would paint the walls + the trim the same color.  She explains, “Using the same paint color in a different sheen is a fantastic way to achieve a high-end look with something as inexpensive as paint.”

For the dining room, Amy relates that choosing a color that is in the same neutral color family + not starkly different from the main spaces keeps a flow from room to room.  Amazing Grey by Sherwin Williams provides just the right amount of depth of color to keep the dining room cozy + inviting. Since Amy loves to entertain, her goal was to cultivate a space where guests could comfortably sit, talk, + enjoy dinner together. 

ProTip: If you’re struggling with colors, start with the lightest shade that you want to incorporate in your house.  Simply work your way down the fan deck as it darkens—choose 3 colors + continue them throughout your space!

With the main living spaces bright + neutral, Amy wanted one room that stood out from the rest.  A half bath is a wonderful place to accomplish a bold look + bring out the unexpected! Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams is a bold deep blue/green hue.  Painting the trim, ceiling, + walls the same tone made for a big impression for a small space—it took an otherwise boring room and made it a favorite space in the house! For those who are wanting to use a bold color, Amy states, “If you’re nervous about a color, start small! Remember—it’s only paint + can be easily changed!”