Interior Design

Our Interior Decorating process starts with an easy consult!  You can expect questions about your current furniture, what pieces you love, how your family lives in certain spaces, your budget, and your inspiration homes and ideas.  Be prepared!  Decorating can be a lengthy process--there will be consults, proposals, room layouts, and lots of communication.  In fact, we'll probably feel like best friends once your home is complete!   Our goal is to create a space that's enjoyable for your whole family.


New Construction

New construction homes are fun and exciting, however they come with infinite decisions!  We specialize in guiding you through the new construction process.  From picking brick and mortar, guiding you through electrical walks, finalizing cabinet layouts, to choosing the right light fixtures, we’ll help you design your dream home.  By working in close partnership with you and your builder, we’ll communicate your selections through detailed plans and drawings, keeping you free to enjoy your building process.



Are you ready to breathe new life into your current home?  Having City Hill Design involved in your project typically makes your decisions a lot less stressful.  Working with the contractor of your choosing, we'll guide you through design details, lighting, plumbing, flooring, cabinet layouts, floor plan decisions, and more!  After designing hundreds of homes, we will be able to help you think through the tiny details you might have missed!